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There is no real definition for Guido Michael’s passion. Some could describe what he loves to do as fruit carving, melon mutilation or even playing with knives but when it comes down to it, he is an artist. Therefore, everything he produces is thoughtfully and carefully done so the best possible way to define his profession is: extreme food art.


Guido travels the country conducting demonstrations, seminars, work shows and creating showpieces. From New York all the way to San Diego, you can say he gets around. Due to his 20+ years’ culinary experience, he has had the opportunity to work with many different types of clients including the American Culinary Federation, Nickelodeon, Grey Goose Vodka, Pennsylvania State Capital, Pacific San Diego Magazine and many more.



In spring 2013, Chef Michael permanently relocated to sunny San Diego, California where his business proceeded to thrive. Guido offers lessons and guidance through his experience in creating culinary masterpieces to individuals and groups seeking to learn a new trade or further hone their skills. The Chef offers his skills as caterer and culinary artist to event planners across the country, bringing his unique creations and honed-entertaining skills to any event and location. He also has a line of instructional videos, available for purchase on his website, which give viewers a first-hand look at how he transforms food into incredible works of art.


Through many sleepless nights and hours of preparation, Guido has found a passion in which he can continue to surprise and amaze people on a daily basis. With the constant demand for his services, he will keep causing a culinary ruckus until fruit can carve itself.